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Common Wealth Farm LLC covers 82 wooded and pastured acres. About a third of those acres is dedicated to raising pastured chickens, turkey, ducks, and quail. Beehives, some fruit trees, and two barn cats also occupy a portion. Over the course of a year, we enjoy seeing blue heron, egrets, and eagles. Grazing deer complete the serene setting. 

Our mission is to provide the highest quality poultry and game bird products by means of sustainable and humane practices. We use non-GMO and organic food supplements for our broilers, turkeys, layer chickens, and ducks. The chickens and turkeys are in brooders until they are mature enough to go outside, at which time they are pastured in "tractors" that are moved every day to fresh grass until old enough to be processed.  Layer birds and ducks are free range. There are no antibiotics, fertilizers, animal by-products, hormones, insecticides, or pesticides on the farm. Our water is PFAS-free.

From May through November, we process, cut, and package our birds on site in our state-licensed facility. The birds are air-chilled prior to packaging which helps create the wonderful flavor they are known for. We aim to provide world-class chicken you can get only from a small farm in Maine!


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