ONCE UPON A TIME, there were a former mechanical engineer, a former director of after school programs, an aspiring farmer with restaurant and gardening experience, and a recent college graduate in sustainable agriculture. There grew a vision of a family estate/business with duck as its focus. It seemed people hungry for duck could get it mostly from Indiana or Long Island, NY, but not so much Maine. But when one of the original four left, the rest decided to focus on supplying the highest quality chicken meat possible. Since then, our pastured, non-GMO-fed, air-chilled, fresh chicken has become the choice of many discerning Mainers, with our products found in co-ops, meat markets, catering businesses, restaurants, and farmers' markets.

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Dedication to quality, perfection, and customer satisfaction is something that comes from group effort. It is a daily commitment of humanely tending the chickens and other birds. It is attention to detail and using most efficient methods. It is building customer trust and letting every customer know that each request is important.