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ONCE UPON A TIME, there were a former mechanical engineer, a former director of after school programs, an aspiring farmer with restaurant and gardening experience, and a recent college graduate in sustainable agriculture. There grew a vision of a family estate/business with duck as its focus. It seemed people hungry for duck could get it mostly from Indiana or Long Island, NY, but not so much Maine. But when one of the original four left, the rest decided to focus on supplying the highest quality chicken meat possible. Since then, our pastured, non-GMO-fed, air-chilled, fresh chicken has become the choice of many discerning Mainers, with our products found in co-ops, meat markets, catering businesses, restaurants, and farmers' markets.

During the summer, the family is joined by a couple more wonderful people who can handle just about any of the jobs it takes to get the birds from baby to packaged and out the door. It is hard and constant work that requires team work, whether it's caring for the various birds, processing, handling the continual paperwork and correspondence, and manning a booth at the farmers' markets or making deliveries.

The winter months are reserved for catching our breath and catching up on housework and piles of paperwork. Planning for the next season starts once taxes are finished. New batches of baby meat chicks start arriving in March. And, suddenly, here we go again!!

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